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On burnout: Is it really just millennials?

The past few months, while the world has been responding to the truly unprecedented COVID crisis, I've found myself thinking a lot about burnout. This is a topic that has been at the forefront of discussion for a while now, largely due to Anne Helen Petersen's millennial burnout article in Buzzfeed. I reread the article recently, and couldn't help but wonder how different the article might of been had it been written today. Is it possible that "burnout" might be a label that is no longer synonymous with millennials, but extends to all of us? The past four years have been exhausting for many of us, but the past few months have taken a toll that hasn't really been seen in decades in America. It's not just COVID either--police brutality, the upcoming election, the continued degradation of the environment--all of these various issues have taken on a new urgency. One would think it would mean that our society is on the precipice of revolution, but instead i

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